There isn’t really much I can say that everyone has already brought up. I wasn’t going to write up a post about the shootings until I heard certain snide comments today, but I’ll get to that. Everyone has said what needs be said. ISIS needs to be stopped. Guns need to be banned in the US. Trump is a dick.

Nothing we haven’t already heard before.

It’s like a broken record, by now. And I’m not saying this to diminish the gravity of the matter. Poor souls were butchered, others were severely injured – due to hatred and misguidance. Those who were injured may never truly recover from the experience – not just physically, but mentally as well. As a person who suffers with a level of PTSD, I know that that moment of terror with never leave them. It will haunt some of them for the rest of their waking days. It’s a horrifying, tragic thing.

So why am I writing this today?

I was at work today. I do contractual TA work, so I’m in a different place almost every day. And on my break, I heard a few other teachers and TAs talking, as they do, about the shootings in Orlando. And one of the teachers had the gall to say that she didn’t sympathise with the victims of the shootings. To be fair, she agreed that it was a horrible and tragic event, but she said that since the US refuses to ban guns and firearms, that she couldn’t sympathise with the people who were affected by the shootings.

That immediately enraged me.

Maybe I’m more sensitive to issues like this. Maybe it’s because I have a boyfriend in Orlando, Florida that was deeply affected by the news, and so I heard of the horror before the rest of the British public. Maybe it’s because I have a hope to move to Florida at some point in my life – but that woman making those noises from her face made me want to scream at her. It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs or preferences are – people lost their lives, people lost blood, people will be affected by this forever until the end of their eternities. That’s reason enough to sympathise with any atrocity. It’s such a horrible, shallow thing to say – that just because the US won’t do anything about their gun situation, that you cannot feel sorry for the people who are caught in violent attacks.

I’m tired of the media and the people around me dumbing down the loss of human life to just debate political policies. Understand the gravity of the matter – there are people who will not come back from this. And when you think about that, it’s not about gun bans, or ISIS, or which liar is going to be the next president of the United States – it’s about the sanctity of life. There are people out there that don’t value life. How terrifying is that? The men who walked into that club to destroy the lives of over a hundred people were so moved by an idea – the fear of progression – that they valued that idea more than the lives of the people in that club.

What kind of blind coward or ignorant dipshit do you have to be to sink that far, by the way?

Be it ISIS or homophobia – this act was caused by hatred and the fear of progression. I’ve seen it before, in the men similar to the man who was identified and described in the newspapers. The man who beats his wife and is angered at the sight of two people showing affection for each other. The fear that someday everyone might be equal. The fear that everyone might have a say. The fear that their voice won’t be louder than all the others, and their hands won’t be any heavier. It was that blind fear that caused this atrocity. It wasn’t guns, it wasn’t ISIS – they could have been factors at play, no-one’s denying that, but at the end of it that man had a mind of his own to process information and make a choice. It was his fear and hatred that he gave into in the end. Even if the ban was in place, people who want to cause an atrocity would find a way. Even if ISIS hadn’t indoctrinated him, he had his own deadly ideals already – all he needed was a group of maniacs to back him up.

This is by no means any call to anarchy. I’m just trying to point out what everyone seems to be missing here. The ban on guns is valid. The movement against ISIS is valid. Both these things should pass for our own advancement. But don’t diminish the matter or the lives of these people by making this terrifying and bone-chilling incident merely a piece in a politics game.


Fa Rahman

June 13th, 2016