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We Got Christmas Merch

We got t-shirts, we got hoodies, we got sweaters, we got socks, we got goddamn shower curtains with the "Skol!" print. Hit the link to check out the store. I'll only be keeping this print around until the end of... Continue Reading →

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Q & A

I've wanted to add one of these for a while. I think I've finally found my groove for blogging and I would love to encourage this sudden interest I have in writing blog posts. If anyone has any questions, I... Continue Reading →

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lighter to my lips

lighter to my lips shaving the minutes off mute my megaphone a reason to shut my mouth thaw the throat of its objections tie the tongue lash the lungs heat the heart let the burning reach that heated place and... Continue Reading →


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. The chalice of my soul is empty of you, And yet so full it runs over All at once. All at once: Devoid of love, filled with hate; And still yet devoid of... Continue Reading →

Bye, Felicia

Dear Felicia, I hid you when it was far more than what you deserved. You showed yourself, confirming my suspicions. Our suspicions. You can blindly carve your marks into us but can’t stand to bear witness to your own handiwork.... Continue Reading →

Internal Monologue – Two Choices

My mind is filled with static: A great blur where my brain should be, An erroneous buzz where my thoughts should sing. I'll close my eyes and try changing the channel - Flicking furiously through nothing. Just static. But when... Continue Reading →

Internal Monologue – Easy

My maw-snake moves like lightning: Hissing, spitting silver sounds, Forked like something foul. Lies lie active in the roof of my mouth While the truth sticks in the back of my throat - Too hard to say, too hard to... Continue Reading →

All We Have

                They were cold.                 At her warm touch, they flinched. His cold hands, that is. It was more movement than he’d committed to in a while. She frowned, feeling as though she had distressed him. It was the last... Continue Reading →

Today, I Cannot Breathe

Today, I cannot breathe. It's as though I am being watched. I am being watched, assessed, observed by me. The scrutiny of my own lens. I am as a stranger to myself. I stand back, way back in the recesses... Continue Reading →

The Walls Have Eyes – A Month In The Life Of A Young Woman

Chapter 1. May 5th, 2015 9:20amI'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I feel like I've entered a room - bereft of anything good and holy - with all your eyes covering the walls, the floors, the ceiling.Which... Continue Reading →

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