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I've wanted to add one of these for a while. I think I've finally found my groove for blogging and I would love to encourage this sudden interest I have in writing blog posts. If anyone has any questions, I... Continue Reading →

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My Opinion on Shamima Begum – the Ungrateful ISIS Bride

Going Off-Book About Hijab + Support #NoHijabDay Please support #NoHijabDay and preach a woman's right to choose what to wear round the globe. Remember to like, share, comment and subscribe! I post videos every week. Thank you for your continued support 😀

[Video] Going Off-Book About Rahaf al-Qunun – Islam + Thought-Crime Thought-crime is not okay. Let's stop ignoring it and start discussing it. ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Links to published work: One Man's Treasure: Trailer: Author Interview: Movellas: Spotify: Deezer: Google Play: Blog:... Continue Reading →

[Video] impARTing – My Suggestion for the Ideal Job for Someone Who Doesn’t Know What to Do With their Life Hello! I hope you enjoyed this week's impARTful! I know I'm not the most talented artist, but I would like to improve my craft. Spare me no criticism. Thank you for watching and please like, share and subscribe if... Continue Reading →

[Video] My Resolutions for 2019 Just think about my goals this year. Please remember to like and comment your thoughts. What are your targets for the year?

The “Godless” Stigma II: Dealing With Believers from your Previous Faith

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while might know of The "Godless" Stigma that I posted a while back. It was an exploration of the idea that religious people seem to look at the faithless... Continue Reading →

HEAR ME RANT – Don’t Blame Me for How I Feel I apologise in advance. I didn't want this to be a rant, but I did get very emotional (though, understandably). Please share this video around, as I do feel it is a very important issue. If you are having... Continue Reading →

I was on Channel 4’s Supershoppers!! Remember to like and share!

2018 in Review

Reviewing this year! What should I aim to achieve next year? ❤

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